June 7, 2018


Alright. With senior travel, we can’t climb mountains, balance on cliffs or even handle certain small hills like we used to. We do qualify for senior travel discounts! As THE TRAVELING SENIORS explore America, we travel primarily by car because we take everything plus the kitchen sink! We can drive slowly on backroads, and thoroughly enjoy places where tourists don’t congregate. But don’t think we don’t also love crowded cities or other means of travel-we do! Fortunately for all of us, the Senior List has published a list of the best 2018 senior travel discounts.* The Senior List’s Best Senior Travel Discounts is full of verified senior discounts.  Senior Travel Discounts that have…

May 29, 2018


We spent a lovely evening dining at Inca’s Restaurant (www.incasperuviancuisine.com) at 6878 E. Sunrise Drive in Tucson! This restaurant is one of our favorites in Tucson! Guy Fieri visited here, folks, and he loved it! We did too! Start your meal with the famous roasted Chocio, Peruvian corn.  Stu drank the Chicha Morada, made with dry imported purple corn, fresh pineapples, apples, and cinnamon. It is full of antioxidants and delicious! The Jalea de Mariscos was divine! From chicken to vegetarian to seafood, enjoy Inca’s as you listen to live Peruvian music while you dine! The owner is adorable and her son is the restaurant’s manager. Nephews help wait tables….