May 30, 2018


Take Back Roads to Explore America!

The Traveling Seniors ALWAYS travel back roads. Why?  Exploring America and her inspiring people is most rewarding along back roads and scenic byways!


Backroads vacations are so easy in retirement travel!  The pavement is smooth, traffic is sparse and the scenery is breathtaking. We can drive at our own pace. We can pull off the road to take photos or a break at almost any time. Backroads adventures are just waiting for you!




One way to find byways is to visit On that site, search by state or follow the dots on the map provided. Another online resource is  This site allows you to search, by state, to find drives and hotels along the route. So easy!



Google online or search by state to find what are called “All-American Roads”; “National Scenic Byways”; “Parkways”; “National Forest Scenic Byways”; “BLM Back Country Byways”; and “Other Scenic Roads”.


GPS systems can be set to find back roads. When setting your car’s GPS for a trip, ignore the setting titled, “Fastest Route” and choose “ECO” or other setting. On Google Maps, search routes and choose the ones that are not interstates. Finding back roads is as simple as googling “back roads.”  You can find roads in every state  and some cities in America.


Seek adventure! Its is so easy to find hidden places country-wide!


Among the epic drives we’ve made are:
The George Parks Highway Scenic Byway
230 miles that take four hours to drive from Anchorage to Fairbanks. See Denali
Glenn Highway
135 miles. A 2.5 hour drive or 8 hours to drive the entire route.
Seward Highway
127 miles that take 5 hours to drive or two days to drive if you take your time. This drive connects Anchorage and Seward.
Sterling Highway
67.3 miles which takes 3 hours on the Kenai Peninsula.
Sky Island Scenic Byway
27.2 miles that takes 3-6 hours to drive. You start your drive in the desert among Saguaro cacti of the Sonoran desert and climb to 9,000 feet, passing biologic diversity equivalent to driving from Mexico to Canada!
Collegiate Peaks Scenic Drive
57 miles north to south connecting Salida, Colorado to Granite, Colorado. Sometimes called, “The Highway of the Fourteeners” because of the 19-mile stretch of road with views of 10 of Colorado’s 14,000+ foot peaks. Ghost Towns, Chalk Creek, meadows, railroad remnants, 100s of hiking trails and jeep trails.
Pensacola Scenic Bluffs Highway
11 miles long, this drive takes about 20 minutes.
Flint Hills Scenic Byway
48 miles in the Tallgrass Prairie
Zydeco Cajun Prairie Scenic Byway
233 miles. You should plan on 2 days to travel the three different loops that comprise the byway.
Acadia All American Road
40 miles long, this road takes about 3 hours to drive.
Antietam Campaign Byway
126 miles which take 4 hours.
NASA Scenic Byway to Space
36.6 miles which takes about 1 1/2 hours to travel.
New Hampshire

Kancamagus Scenic Byway
26.5 miles for a gorgeous 1 hour drive.
Lake Sunapee Scenic Byway
25 miles. 2 hours.
New Mexico
Billy The Kid Trail
84 miles that takes 2 hours.
El Camino Real
299 miles. This route takes 9 hours or 2 days if you take your time.
Historic Route 66-New Mexico
604 miles. This route takes 16 hours to drive in New Mexico.
North Carolina
Black Mountain Rag
31 miles or a 45 minute drive.
Blue Ridge Parkway-North Carolina
252  miles which takes 8 hours to drive or 2-3 days if you take your time.
Cherohala Skyway-North Carolina
20.5 miles that takes 45 minutes to drive.
French Broad Overview
17 miles that requires 25 minutes to drive.
Hanging Rock Scenic Byway
38 miles. 1 hour drive.
Historic Flat Rock Scenic Byway
8.3 miles
Indian Lakes Scenic Byway
60 miles or a 2 hour drive
Interstate 26 Scenic Highway
9 miles long
Mountain Waterways Byway
64.5 miles long
Nantahala Byway
43 miles which takes 1.5 hours to drive
New River Valley Byway
35 miles or 1.25 hours’  drive
Tail of the Dragon
11 miles along U.S. 129  Has 318 curves in 11 miles so takes time
Waterfall Byway
98 miles and a 3.5 hour drive
South Carolina
Cherokee Foothills Scenic Drive
122 miles long
Edisto Island National Scenic Byway
17-miles long, 2-lane
Cades Cove Loop Road
11-miles, one way
Cherohala Skyway-Tennessee
22.45 miles or one hour drive
Ocoee Scenic Byway-Tennessee
30 miles
El Camino Real
299 miles. This route takes 9 hours or 2 days if you take your time.

Zion Park Scenic Byway (U-9)
54 miles of exquisite scenery
George Washington Memorial Parkway
25 miles that take 1 hour to drive
Skyline Drive
105 miles. Plan on 6-8 hours on this route.
Share your favorite Scenic Drive or Back Road (officially named or not) so we can all find more! 
Don’t forget to tell us where it is and how to find it.  Use the comment section and teach all of us. Thanks!