March 26, 2020


Hello Traveling Seniors!  Just like most of you, we are on hold with our travels. Now, since many of you use cameras and computers for your travels it’s a good time to take inventory and do some cleaning.
What i mean is:
1) check with your camera manufacturer(Website) to see if there are any firmware updates for your camera and or computer. I am a Mac user and there was an update yesterday.
2) There have also been a number of firmware updates for cameras over the past month. Again, check the manufacturer’s website.
3) In addition to firmware updates, it is a good time to lay out all of your camera gear and take photos using your SmartPhone for insurance and potential replacement purposes.
When taking photographs of your camera, and other gear, make sure you get the serial numbers. This is something I definitely do as a professional. Load the photos onto the cloud from your phone so you have ready access to them, if needed.
4) Also clean your camera and lenses. You can use the same lens cleaning cloth you use for you glasses.
5) You should also look at whatever photo editing program (photo catalog) you use and get that all up to date. It’s a good time to backup all your photos.
Leaving all of your photos on your main computer and not backing up to external drives or cloud services takes up storage on your computer and slows your machine. You may also end up losing your photos. Believe me, it is very upsetting to  lose all of your wonderful photos.
If you have any questions and or comments please post in comments and we will try to help.
Be safe.
Stu & Barb
The Traveling Seniors

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