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Meet Stu

Meet Stuart J. Schaefer, Photographer

I have now been a freelance photographer since leaving the military. It was during my tour of duty in the military that I first found an interest in photography. The first paid assignment was a wedding of a friend and I have never looked back.

Today, I no longer do wedding photography, but put more focus toward my scenic and commercial work. Along the way I worked as a post photographer for Redstone Arsenal(Huntsville, Alabama) for two years. Until 1988 I was a self taught photographer learning from reading and trying things until I was able to get it right. That year I dropped everything and used my GI Bill and went back to school to pursue a degree in Photo and Film Communications.

In 1992, after having a successful photo career in Huntsville, Alabama, I packed everything up and moved to Gulf Breeze, Florida.  Not really knowing anyone in the area this was a big move for me. However the timing was right.  I was looking for a change in my life and photography work.   In 1998 I started my move to digital photography from film.

Starting at end of 2002, I did a complete move to digital photography. Currently, I am using the Sony A7M2, Sony A9, and Sony A7III. Today I still continue as a freelance photographer covering national sailing races, do scenic photos and commercial work in this region and around the world. Some of my work has been featured in Sailing World Magazine, Backpacker Magazine, Pensacola Visitors Guide and other publications across the country.

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