May 2, 2020


Ok after nearly six plus weeks since I was able to get out a do a video. They opened up some of the parks in the area today so of course I headed out. This morning I visited Gulf Islands National Seashore located off of Hwy 98 in Gulf Breeze, Florida. I am hoping I will be able to get out to a number of the parks in the area soon and post videos. So check out the video: Remember to give use a TUMBS UP on the video. Also think about subscribing so you will be notified when new videos are posted. Be safe! (Wash Those Hands)

March 26, 2020


Hello Traveling Seniors!  Just like most of you, we are on hold with our travels. Now, since many of you use cameras and computers for your travels it’s a good time to take inventory and do some cleaning. What i mean is: 1) check with your camera manufacturer(Website) to see if there are any firmware updates for your camera and or computer. I am a Mac user and there was an update yesterday. 2) There have also been a number of firmware updates for cameras over the past month. Again, check the manufacturer’s website. 3) In addition to firmware updates, it is a good time to lay out all of…

March 15, 2020


Hi Travelers!  As everyone is well aware what is going on The Traveling Seniors will be going on hiatus for a while and staying at home. We hope to get back to our travels hopefully in 6 to 8 weeks. In the mean time we will be reposting some our past postings to help you plan for future travels. Best safe, Stu & Barb The Traveling Seniors

March 8, 2020


A couple of weeks ago, I visited Seaside, Florida. Yes, if you are think is this where The Truman Show was filmed, you are correct. Filming took place in 1997, stared Jim Carrey and was released in 1998. Seaside is located in-between Destin and Panama City, Florida,  off of Hwy 98. I have been visited this seaside community many times over the years. Most weekends, especially during the spring and summer months, there  are many sorts of events happening. Check out the Event Calendar for up-to- date information. For overall information about Seaside check out their main Website. The Website is packed full of up-to-date information that includes Events, Real…

February 23, 2020

Destin, Florida: A Visit To Harborwalk Village

Even though I love to travel all over the US I also enjoy just doing local travel. A couple of weeks ago on a Sunday morning I decided to do just that as I headed just east of where I currently reside in Gulf Breeze, Florida to Destin, Florida and the Harborwalk Village. It’s less than an hour drive, of course it depends on traffic. However this time of year (February) is the off season so traffic was not bad. To get there I drive along Hwy 98 which takes me through another cool place, Fort Walton Beach. Destin is located about a 20 minute drive from Fort Walton Beach….

February 17, 2020


As I drove halfway across the country for the holidays, I took backroads.  You all know how Stu and I love backroads! But traffic was heavy and the two-lane highway I was traveling seemed to always have 10 vehicles in front of me due to solid yellow lines on the roadway. Frustration set in. I had promised to be at my daughter’s on a certain day. “Why did I take THIS road?” I will NEVER get there! You know the feeling. Backroads shelter surprises and I should have known I would see some in Tennessee. All of a sudden, a sign appeared that said, “Scopes Trial Museum.” Whaaat? THE Scopes Trial? Nah,…

February 3, 2020


Even in May, it was over 100 degrees. This is the desert, after all. But May also means the desert is in bloom. We found Sabino Canyon unique and gorgeous in every way.    Sabino Canyon is in the Santa Catalina Mountains and has a unique landscape neither of us had ever experienced before. Saguaro Cactus, Palo Verde trees, Cholia and Prickly Pear Cactus are all over the canyon.   Stop first at the Visitors’ Center which is open every day from 8-4:30, except for Christmas and Thanksgiving. There, you can pick up trail maps, books and other information.                  THE TRAM SYSTEM   The Canyon has…

January 27, 2020


Some think winter is no time to travel. But it IS a GREAT time to do some trip planning!   Once again this year, our close friends @the senior list have gathered the best airline discounts for seniors for 2021.  They annually allow us to reprint their findings. We hope you will check with The Senior List often for valuable information on aging well. *Please note: Some of the discounts you’ll see below are offered by franchise owners in local markets.  This means that senior discounts may vary by location. This List of Best Travel Discounts for Seniors is full of verified senior discounts. Senior Discounts that have a verified flag next to them have vetted…

January 20, 2020


“The real Virginia stops at Roanoke.” “That’s what people around here say.”  I was talking to the friendly ladies at the Abingdon, Virginia Visitor Center. I had to giggle as I had never heard that said in all my 15 years of living in Northern Virginia!   This was our first trip to Southwest Virginia and its small towns amid rolling green hills. We loved the surprises around each corner!         It was high time we visited this corner of Virginia that shares state lines with Kentucky and Tennessee and is a stone’s throw from North Carolina. We cannot wait to go back!   Abingdon, Virginia is…

January 13, 2020


A noble face looked back at me as I waited at the Cimarron Turnpike toll booth. The license plate in front of me wasn’t an Oklahoma “tag.” The tag read, “Chickasaw Nation.” Another close by said, “Cherokee Nation.”  In Oklahoma, the chances are good that you are driving through a sovereign nation.    You’ll be immersed in towns, counties and highways that are named for the many Tribes and Tribal Elders in Oklahoma. Oklahoma has the second highest number of Native Americans of any state in the U.S.   There are 38 sovereign Tribal Governments in Oklahoma. To learn about each, click on the names below:   Absentee Shawnee Tribe Alabama-Quassarte Tribal Town…