July 8, 2023

Destin, Florida: A Visit To Harborwalk Village

Even though I love to travel all over the US I also enjoy just doing local travel. A couple of weeks ago on a Sunday morning I decided to do just that as I headed just east of where I currently reside in Gulf Breeze, Florida to Destin, Florida and the Harborwalk Village. It’s less than an hour drive, of course it depends on traffic. However this time of year (February) is the off season so traffic was not bad.

To get there I drive along Hwy 98 which takes me through another cool place, Fort Walton Beach. Destin is located about a 20 minute drive from Fort Walton Beach.

Below are a few photos from the area along with a short video as I stroll along Harborwalk Village.

Photographed from across the Destin Pass looking toward HarborWalk Village in Destin, Florida.
This Magnolia Tree had lived for nearly 172 years when it died in 2014. Local artists carved dozens of animals and saline into its trunk. It has been a major attraction for folks from all over to view this old tree. However since this writing I found out that they had to cut this old tree down.
A view where many of the private boats at docked at Harborwalk marina.

With the above video I take you along the Harborwalk located in Destin Florida. Please Note that the Magnolia Tree that I talk about sadly has been cut down since this video was produced.

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