September 23, 2019


Readers write us and say they would love to travel more but they are divorced or widowed. Most are women.      Stu is a fabulous travel partner, but I am here to tell you that I love, love, love traveling alone. It is true that I have been on my own quite awhile and traveled for work.  Over time, I got used to eating in restaurants by myself (I always took a book at first), and have experience hailing cabs and negotiating airports. But I am an introvert. I am also about to be 70.     I want to share what I’ve learned by traveling alone in hopes…

March 26, 2019

The Traveling Seniors’ YouTube Channel

I am happy to announce that The Traveling Seniors now have their own YouTube channel. You may view this channel via Make sure you subscribe so you will be notified when a new video is posted. We have a number of trips planned for the next few months including one to the Everglades and Key West as we travel along A1A after a stop in St. Augustine to attend Florida Birding & Photo Fest April 24-28. Cheers!