June 3, 2018


TIPS FOR SAFE AND HAPPY BACKROADS TRAVEL A little hesitant to travel these days? Don’t be! It is safe and easy to travel like we do! Honest! Still, you need to plan your trip so safety is not an issue. Just follow these tips for safe and happy travel.   First, people. People we meet are universally polite, inspirational, knowledgeable and gracious about sharing information and stories. Stu talks to everybody! Before you know it, he’s made a fast friend. I am more shy. But get either of us in an interesting place with interesting people and watch out!   Truthfully, the people on our journeys have been as richly rewarding…

June 1, 2018


When Stu and I first cooked up a 2018 backroads trip from Florida to the Grand Canyon and back, we had no real idea what it would cost. We researched online blogs and found someone who had posted that a recent trip from Florida (where I planned to meet up with Stu) to the Grand Canyon cost about $3,700. So, we each budgeted about $4,000 apiece for the trip. We didn’t set an end date for our trip or a precise budget. We planned to stay on the road as long as we wanted. This road trip ended up being from northwest Florida to southern Utah and back and lasted 36 days….

May 29, 2018


8 TIPS FOR BACKROADS TRIPS Two people, eight states and thousands of miles. A recent Traveling Seniors backroads trip was one of the most exhilarating experiences we’ve each ever had!   8 Tips for Roadtrips:  Do NOT plan and DO NOT set daily goals! Sound counterproductive? It isn’t! Aside from hotel reservations at places like the Grand Canyon and other high traffic attractions, we simply do not plan by date OR by navigation. As long as we headed toward our ultimate destination, we were fine on a recent 36-day roadtrip with wherever Siri took us. Set the car’s navigation to settings OTHER than “fastest route.” You will  head down backroads and…