May 27, 2018


One of our new favorite places in America is Page, Arizona because of the photographic opportunities. Numerous Slot Canyons and Horseshoe Bend near Page are unforgettable and on any photographer’s bucket list.

Photographers and tourists head in droves to the famous Antelope Canyon. The tours are sold out months in advance so even crowded tours of Antelope Canyon were not an option for us. We were also told that people photographing Antelope Canyon were shuffled along in crowds and were given 2-minute shifts to take photos. Given the opportunity, we probably would have put up with that approach.

However, we researched and found two tour companies offering spectacular photography at different Slot Canyons.

We highly recommend both tour companies in Page, Arizona for an epic experience.  Note: You must access local Slot Canyons that are on Navajo land with a Navajo guide.

We use Antelope Canyon X Taadiddin Tours and Horseshoe Bend Slot Canyon Tours.  We recommend taking both tours.


The Tour Companies

Both tour companies are family owned but they differ from each other. Both offer extremely personalized service and the experience is excellent.

The Horseshoe Bend Slot Canyon Tour Company runs a silky smooth tour and has a sophisticated approach to client service.  There is a large, clean waiting area with a restroom, drinks and snacks.

Antelope Canyon X Taadiddin Tours does not, at first glance, seem very sophisticated. Clients gather at a trailer in a dirt parking area. No snacks, no water and no restroom. However, the knowledge of the Antelope Canyon X guides is invaluable. If you enjoy colorful personalities, you will love them!

Neither company oversold to make tours crowded. Neither hurries you through the Slot Canyons!  At Horseshoe Bend Slot Canyon, we had the company of only 11 people and were treated like family! At Antelope Canyon X, our guide told us to stay on our own as many hours as we liked as they brought non-photographers in for tours. The guide checked on us periodically and even suggested camera angles.

Antelope Canyon X Taadiddin Tours
This company offers 2 photography tours (one a hiking tour where handheld cameras are allowed and a photography tour where tripods are allowed)

Reserve a spot on the tour with no charge. They prefer cash to credit cards at the tour office the day of the tour. Ask for Jackie who owns and operates the tours with any special questions. Open  every day 9 a.m.-3:00 p.m. MST. Call for Reservations on Holiday weekends. $72.79 per person for photo tour. (2018 prices)

HWY 98, Milepost 308 in Page, Arizona (About 10 miles southeast of Page)
No Reservations are Required. Phone: 928-660-8961


Horseshoe Bend Slot Canyon Tours

Horseshoe Bend Slot Canyon Tours offers various tours, including one to the “Navajo side” of Horseshoe Bend. Prepayment for the Tours is required. Ask for Tim who operates the tours with any special questions.

This company is outstanding. Trey, our guide, offered to pick us up any evening there might be a colorful sunset and he would take us to the Navajo side of Horseshoe Bend on Navajo Nation lands for $30. This company treated us like family and did anything they could to accommodate us as photographers. Trey even gave us a surprise by taking us to a Navajo Hogan. He was gracious in explaining Hogan history, Sweat Lodges, and giving us some history of his family.

821 US Highway 89, Page, Az
(435) 275-4594
Adult $90.00 (2018 pricing)

Special Note about Photography on Navajo Nation lands:

If you have plans to sell any stills, videos, or even post on social media for sale, you MUST have a photography permit from the Navajo Nation.

We found the process a little confusing but well worth the effort. Photographers who do not obtain permits prior to their travel/tours, have been turned away upon arrival.
We also felt that since the Navajo Nation has scant resources to support themselves, a small fee for a permit is not only worth the trouble but something we want to support.
The process (as of 2018 is as follows):

1) Contact the office of the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation Office and request an application form.

Louis Tsinijinne, Media Representative
Navajo Parks and Recreation Department
P.O. Box 2520
Window Rock, AZ 86515
Phone: 928-871-7057

2) Send the completed application to the appropriate Navajo Parks and Recreation Office in the region you are visiting. Our tours were near Page, AZ so, in our case,
this was the Lake Powell Office.

3) While the fee is $50 per photographer or $50 if you are a married couple, this is where the process became confusing to us. We were told the $50 fee covers both the tours we had reserved even though they were to take place on different days.
The application cites use of only cash, money order or cashiers check.

However, when we contacted the office by phone, we were told a credit card was fine. Unfortunately, there is no spot on the application for a Credit Card number, We opted for the cashiers check and had it made out to the Payee requested: The Navajo Nation.

We then mailed the two together to the Lake Powell office. We created a paper trail just in case there were any problems. For clarification, we recommend contacting:

Shaina Begay-Smith, Office Assistant
Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park
Phone: 928-698-2808
Fax: 928-698-2820

Grand Canyon Photography:

No drones are allowed in Grand Canyon Park National Park